I totally bribe Cooper sometimes. Lately I have been bribing him to please keep his hands to himself at school. At first I was just drilling into his head that he cannot use his hands to hit people. He took that pretty literally and decided to chuck a block at someone instead. He was all yo, I didn’t use my hands! :::sigh::: Now I have a very long and detailed list I go over him on the drive to school about what he can and cannot do. I guess it finally sunk in because he was super great on Friday and today in class. His favorite thing to do is go bowling so it was my current if you do/don’t do this or that I’ll take you/let you/buy you. It doesn’t hurt that our bowling alley has a program that offers two free games to children 15 and under every single day all summer long. Yay for free! Anyway, today I took him bowling. He was stoked. It was just him and I, just the way he likes it. A couple were assigned the lane next to us. They didn’t realize how unfortunate that would be to their future children or lack there of.

Cooper is friends with everyone, even if they don’t know it yet. That is how it is when you are 4. The unfortunate couple next to us appeared to be either seniors in high school or maybe just graduated this past spring. Very young. Coop was instantly engaging them in conversation. According to him his new best friends names were “hey”(the girl) and “hey you”(the boy). He even offered them bowling advice. He’s helpful like that. On his 7th or 8th frame he got a strike. It is amazing since his ball usually rolls so slow I fear it will stop in the middle of the lane. I have no clue how he managed to put enough force to knock them all down. It was amazing. He currently refuses my help and gets mad if I’m even on the floor with him when it is his turn so this strike was all his own. He was SO excited he hugged “hey you”. The problem is that Cooper is getting taller and his head is perfectly level with what my husband would affectionately refer to as “junk”. Add his perfect junk reaching head with a very excited 4 year old running to you at full force and you probably can’t have children ever again. I didn’t even know what to say. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry that my son decided to take a high speed run at you to hug you, a complete stranger, and ended up crushing your junk probably rendering you from ever having children or blood flow to that area ever again. He was just really excited.” doesn’t seem adequate. Maybe it was good for “hey you” in the long run to learn important things like you should always wear a cup….always. You never know around which corner another excited 4 year old will be lurking.