This evening C packed his Elmo backpack and was ready to ride away on his bike. He wouldn’t have gotten far because he just decided to get over being lazy and learned how to pedal but isn’t great at it yet. Also, he can’t maneuver corners and he knows he can’t go past our neighbors driveway. I was not sure why he packed it up and was ready to hit the road. His sister wasn’t home to pick on him. I didn’t think I’d done anything to make him mad but he declared we were no longer friends and he was leaving. He went into the garage, climbed on a box and started to open our garage door. I convinced him to stick around and help me make cookies. Two still warm chocolate chip cookies later we were friends again. I asked him why he was mad at me. He told me that I told him he couldn’t play t-ball. What I really said was he couldn’t play t-ball in the living room. Hard ball, aluminum bat, 56 inch tv, windows….not a fair fight. I asked him if he wanted to unpack his bag and he said sure. I was a little shocked by what was in there. It has been a while since I was 4 so I wasn’t up to date with the current packing list. Because I’m nice I will let you know what a 4 year old needs to pack when planning on leaving home so you can be prepared in case you are ever asked on Jeopardy or Family Feud. (Your welcome!)

Required items a 4 year old needs to run away:


dry erase markers


crayons (no paper?)

two yogurt tubes

3 juice boxes (orange, apple juice, fruity v8)

a salt shaker (?)

two toothbrushes (1 regular toothbrush and one electric for those lazy days.)


a Thor hammer (self defense?)

a dog treat (Was our dog leaving too?)

a blanket

my car keys (effectively stopping me from “searching” for him I suppose)

Maybe I should have titled this blog entry “Cooper: The reason why I set my alarm even when we are in the house.”