This week has been ROUGH and it is only day 2. I’m sure a ton of funny stuff has happened and been said but I’m too tired to even retain it. C is doing well in his Advanced Pre-K class. He is having some trouble with the transition (new teacher/new rules/new ways of having to do things) but so far so good. I think the biggest thing that is hard for him is having to get up at 6:15am to bring his sister to marching band practice. He is used to sleeping until 8 and then getting up for school. Even last school year when K was still in middle school he didn’t have to get up until 7:50. He goes to school at 9 so he’s not had to get up earlier than that. He usually sleeps from 9-ish until 8 and then takes an hour and a half nap daily. He just doesn’t do well when that sleep is disrupted. I’m sure we will get the hang of it all and it won’t be such a huge deal in a few weeks.

K started high school but it feels like she’s been in high school all summer because of marching band. She’s been at band practice M-F from 8:00 am until 8:30/9 pm for weeks and weeks. Now school has started and she has to be at school M-F from 6:30am-8:30 at which time she has 35 minutes to get cleaned up, changed, and ready for classes. Then on Tuesday’s she has practice after school as well so her day is from 6:30am until 7:30pm. Game days are usually on Friday but this week and a few other weeks the games are on Thursdays. That means 6:30am until after the game and bus ride back to the school so about 11-ish pm she’ll be at school. This week it also means she will be back up again and required to be at school at 6:30am Friday morning. Marching band has taken over our lives. It is just SO much commitment. I know she loves it but now that school has started I wonder how she will find time for her classes as well as other things that require commitment like Advanced Theatre.

I am in my final four month run of college. I’m excited. I’m, also, so exhausted. I’m in the same boat as C. I’m not used to getting up so early. I am a huge sleeper. I need more sleep than others. My husband can survive on practically no sleep and he is fine. I am not that way. I feel physically ill after a few days of not enough sleep. C has complained of a stomach ache after school every day he’s had to get up early. I feel badly for him because he’s just not used to it. Hopefully C and I can adjust quickly.

This past weekend we went to the circus. It was so much fun. We’ve been 4 years in a row now. This is the first year C actually ‘got’ the clowns. He laughed huge belly laughs and is still talking about how funny they were. I have mixed feelings over the circus. It is fun but then I feel badly because I just can’t believe the animals are treated wonderfully. Every year I say we won’t go back but then when August rolls around I remember how much C enjoyed it. Next year I’ll remember how hilarious he thought the clowns were and forget about how I feel every year regarding the animals. It is a vicious cycle.

I have a little complaint/rant. School started Monday. School supplies have been out for months now. High schools don’t have a list unlike elementary school and middle school to a certain extent. Sure we were able to get the basics during the summer but it wasn’t until schedules were printed out (first day of school!) that the students were given lists created by their individual teachers. Today, day 2 of school, I went to Target armed with a list of items that were needed. K’s high school is A day/B day so yesterday she only went to classes 1-4 and today she went to 5-8. Today was the first day I’ve had a complete list, and boy it was long. Anyway……I went to Target where just last week there was a massive school section only to find practically nothing there. Do you know how difficult it was to find several binders, special notebooks, a red pencil (still haven’t found one), dividers, etc? It was horrible. They had nothing. Then of course, everything was back to normal price except the millions of one subject notebooks. Why would they start taking down the school section two days after school starts? Honestly they had to have started on Sunday because nothing was left. They have swimsuits out in December (no joke) and they are still out. They don’t take swimsuits off the floor the first day of summer. What parent doesn’t have a last minute list from a teacher? Even in elementary school this happened. I love Target. I rarely ever go to Walmart (maybe once every two or so months). Target is where I do 90% of my shopping, even grocery shopping since we have several Super Targets. I hate being upset with them, lol, but come on. COME ON! Can’t they just leave the back to school section up maybe a week AFTER school starts? Do you know how much more those stupid 3 ring binders are when they aren’t on sale for school? A lot, that’s how much. A lot times a lot of classes means Mandy has to sell a kidney to pay for it. Thanks Target, now I won’t have a kidney to pay for my kids college education.

*Note: I am not editing this. I’m beat. I’m not even rereading it so if there are problems or nothing makes sense it is just going to be that way. Have a few drinks and then you won’t notice the problems so much.