Last night was the first public performance for K with her marching band. All the commitment and consumption of nearly our entire summer was worth it. They did a great job. I can’t wait until we can see the entire show! High school football is something else. There were a few gentlemen who were 100% certain they were the refs. I like to call it ‘back seat ref’ing’. It is like back seat driving except they were ref’ing from the stands. I’d had just about enough of it and gave them the look that told them to shut the hell up without so many words. For the rest of the time they were not so loud. There were several refs on the field. I’m pretty positive, actually 100% positive, that they didn’t need help. C was most interested in the mascot. He wasn’t watching the game at all, he was tiger stalking. When he finally got to meet the tiger in person, you’d have thought he was meeting a celebrity. He couldn’t stop laughing. I’m still a little bitter about the early wake up times. I just can’t get used to it. By the time I’m done with class I have to fight with myself to go to the gym. I don’t think the zombies at the Zombie run will let me live because I was too tired to train.

This morning C woke up completely dry and he slept in his own bed. Lately he has been in my bed which is strange. He slept in his own bed since he was born but recently my bed has been his go to sleeping arrangement. It has been so hot all summer I made him sleep in pull ups. He plays so hard and drinks so much it was almost impossible for him to make it all night dry. He doesn’t seem to have the ability to wake up if he has to go. Anyway, several nights now he’s been sleeping without a pull up and not having an accident. I told him I was so proud of him because it means he is really a big boy. He took that to mean he could get a super great surprise. I told him that he could. I thought maybe he’d ask for an ice cream cone after school or the chance to watch some extra tv. His idea of a super great surprise was chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. He was truly crushed when I said no. It is like he doesn’t even know me. He plopped down in the middle of the kitchen, crossed his arms and legs protest style, humphed, and said he was going to sit there until he got cookies. I have no trouble picturing him chained to a tree in protest of it being cut down. I’m pretty sure his sister would be chained right next to him. I’m raising a family of protesters.