C is so energetic. It is exhausting. He does not like to have down time. He wants to run, jump, explore, attempt to fly….any activity that keeps his body in motion basically. I’m always getting comments about how on Earth I keep up with him or how the commenter wishes he/she had as much energy as C. He isn’t naughty. He doesn’t do hurtful things on purpose. He is just a giant ball of energy. He CAN sit still if the situation interests him, like at the movies. I love how active he is even though it wears me out. I feel like it means he will always want to be outdoors and stay active. I don’t enjoy having the moment of panic when he does something dangerous. You know the nanosecond between witnessing what you are sure is a broken neck about to happen and the moment he jumps up like nothing has happened. It is in that nanosecond you hold your breath, afraid to gasp because then he will for SURE cry. You wait to see if he really is hurt or if he is going to get up and move on. That nanosecond where you are for that a trip to the ER is about to happen. Where you are praying no blood will be involved. My day consists of more of those nanoseconds than I care to think about. C barely crawled until he had a reason, to get to our dogs wagging tail. I don’t think he crawled much either. He just had no reason to. It wasn’t until he figured out that if he was able to stand up he could get places much quicker than waiting on us. That is exactly what he did. He stood up and took off. I don’t think he ever really walked anywhere. From day one he’s had more energy in his pinky than I’ve had in my entire caffeine filled body.

random person: Wow! He sure has a lot of energy.

me: ::::sigh:::: I know.

random person: What do you feed him?

me: Spoons full of cane sugar.

random person: :::blink, blink, blink::::

me: Just kidding. Yogurt and fruit. Very little caffeine or sugar.

random person: Is he this energetic all day long?

me: Yep. From the moment his feet his the floor in the morning until he passes out at night. He still takes a nap in order to recharge.

random person: Where does he keep all that energy?

me: I have no idea.

AHH HAA! Now I finally have an answer to that most frequently asked question! It is like locating the fountain of youth. Wait, no, that would be if I found out how to bottle his energy. THAT would be like discovering the fountain of youth. I guess this is like finding the map that leads you to the fountain of youth.

C: :::lifting up his shirt::: Mama, feel my belly.

Me: Ok :::rubbing it::::

C: It is full. Can you feel it?

Me: Yep. Wait…what is it full of? (I questioned this because it was 9:30pm and it shouldn’t be full of anything unless he was in the pantry again.)

C: My belly is full of energy.

So there you have it. The energy storage unit location on the basic four year old male child is located in the stomach. Next redesign meeting I’m suggesting we remove that particular area on the newer model. I’m, also, going to suggest we redesign the newer model to have better aim in order to pee IN the toilet instead of everywhere BUT in the toilet.


I was all ready to hit publish for the above entry when the following happened.

C is next to me in my bed because I said he could sleep with me.

C: Mama…..I have someone in my underpants.

Me: What?

C: I have someone in my underpants under the blanket.

Me: What are you talking about? :::typing:::

C: Look!

Me: :::glancing over::: OH MY GOD!!! STOP THAT! <—-said while trying not to pee myself laughing while trying to be serious.

C: <—-hysterical laughing.

So what did I see? He discovered the hole in the front of male underwear. He was popping his penis out the hole like it was Punxsutawney Phil looking for a shadow. :::dies::::

You spend your whole life buying them educational toys, fun toys, expensive toys and what do they do? They play with the wrapping paper box their penis and the hole in underwear. Raising a boy is a complete 180 from raising a girl. There is no adequate preparation for parenting a boy.