Tonight was C’s first T-ball practice. It was hilarious! Have you ever witnessed 12 four year olds attempting jumping jacks? It consists of arms swinging wildly and a lot of jumping around but the jumping and arm flailing doesn’t really happen at the same time. It is more like what I’d imagine someone being tasered would look like. Don’t stand too close or you may get knocked out. C is ok at hitting the ball but he rocks at running. He is really a fast runner. Even if he didn’t start running with the group he still passed them up. He has a pretty good pitching arm, too. He just has no real control over where the ball goes but he does put some power behind it. He was even practicing winding his arm to pitch. I have no clue what that is about or where he saw it done. You don’t want to be on the other head of his ball, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, one of his team mates didn’t know that. :/ He decided to stand about 5 feet away from C while they played catch. Poor little guy probably will not only have a huge bruise on his belly but a life long fear of balls flying in his direction. He stood further away after he recovered but then C threw the ball so far the poor kid had to run practically to Mexico to get it. I am pretty sure that kid never wants to be partnered with C again. The coach was helping a child (NOT my child thank goodness) position his feet right when the child swung the bat (he wasn’t supposed to yet). The coach nearly missed an aluminum bat to the temple. The bat grazed the very top of his hat. C had a great time practicing which is always great when you are starting a season. Nothing like having your child hate it before you even start the first game.

The Y is doing construction on the fields so you have to park really far away. They (the Y) tried to spin it and say that a nice brisk walk to the baseball field would be a great warm up. Really? Brisk? I’m not falling for that crap. It is a long ass walk up a hill both ways. No joke. You go down a hill then up a hill. You can’t avoid it. It was 94 out which is great, it wasn’t 104 like when we had soccer practice but then again for soccer we could park right there, no hiking involved. 94 hiking feels like 104. Still, 94 isn’t brisk walking weather. So we had a forced long walk to the field which was not brisk at all, it was anti-brisk. Then the kids had practice for an hour while the sun burned my retinas and probably scorched the first three layers of skin on my face. There is no shade and Texas sun isn’t known for hiding behind clouds. After that we got to hike walk briskly back to our car. We were almost at the car when C slowed down. I asked him what was wrong. He said that t-ball took all his energy. Then he patted his belly and said it was all gone. WHAT!! His energy was gone!?!? :::cue angels singing::: Could it be that there is actually a successful way to wear C out? It is like my birthday and Christmas all wrapped into one.

That’s my lil peep rounding 3rd for home.