It was 12 years before K had to go to the ER for anything major. 2 years ago this month she was at her first soccer practice of 7th grade. She fell and ended up needing surgery. She broke her fibula, tibia and her growth plate. They set the two main bones but had to go in and try to repair what they could of the growth plate. She had to be out of school for almost a month. She was finally cast free in December of that year. This is the x-ray after surgery to show the pins.


I knew when C learned to run before he learned to walk that there was no way we’d get another 12 years of no major accidents. Frankly, I’m surprised we aren’t in the ER every day. July was our first ER visit. He cut his knee open. Stitches wouldn’t work because he is too active so they put steri strips on it and then glued it down. The steri strips lasted a couple days. Thankfully his knee heeled really quickly. Shockingly so. He did tear a small part back open but bandaids helped with that. Here he is chilling in the ER waiting for discharge.

This week has been a doozy. First he was running through the house and suddenly the edge of the counter jumped in front of him. Counters sometimes do shit like that. Walls and doors do it, too. He still has the greenish tinge of the bruise. Here is a picture right after it happened before it swelled up and bruised. 

Yesterday was probably the scariest. He was jumping on my bed. I told him to stop over and over again. He’d stop for a second and then start again. I blame the bed. It was probably forcing him to jump because my sweet little baby boy would never do anything I told him not to do. Ever. ::::eye roll:::: He just so happened to take a pen off my night stand. He fell. The bed and pen, being asshats that they are, injured him. There was blood. Lots of it. I didn’t know ears bled so much. Thankfully I’m doing pretty well in the handling blood department. Not great but I don’t feel faint when I see a good amount of it. The tip of the pen pierced his ear almost all the way through. Yeah! I know! Crazy, huh. Thankfully once I got it to stop bleeding it just appeared to be a small slit.

I’m too scared to think about what he will do next. I feel like he is slowly prepping me for something big. He is a kid and he thinks he is indestructible. He thinks he can fly. He thinks he can jump down 16 stairs. He runs through the house like someone is chasing him. Every time he gets injured within 5 minutes he has bounced back and is doing something else. I think by the time he is 18 I’ll be on a first name basis with the ER staff. The receptionist at his doctors office already recognizes us because we are there so much. Last week I had to take K to the doctor because she was sick. The receptionist mentioned we haven’t been in for several months. I joked that we should knock on wood. By Monday we were in because C strained a muscle in his leg. It never ends around here.