I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever. Things have been so crazy around here. I’ve had more work to do than I have in a very long time. Marching Band has taken up every weekend and week day evening. C has t-ball practice and games. Just so much happening. Don’t get me wrong. There has been a LOT of things that have been blog worthy, I just haven’t had the time to do it. One thing was when C decided to swallow a water balloon. That was fun. He is four and a half. I thought he would be past the putting stuff in his mouth stage. He, also, put a girl in a headlock at school because she took his swing. :::sigh::: So…..that’s where I’ve been.

Tonight K had marching band practice until 7 so it was just C and I. We went to Hobby Lobby for some pumpkin decorating supplies. After that we went to our favorite sandwich shop for dinner before we hit up Target. When we were finished eating we went back to our car. Some jerk decided to park right on the white line and made it almost impossible for me to open my door to get in. Thankfully C sits behind the passenger seat or else I would have had to back out just to get him in. As I was squeezing in my front seat I hit my elbow. The following was the conversation:


C: What happened?

Me: I hit my elbow on my door.

C: Why?
Me: Because the guy parked too close to me so I hit it when I was trying to get in.

C: Why did he park so close?

Me: I don’t know. He doesn’t know how to park apparently.

C: I think it’s because he’s a jackass.

OH. MY. GOSH! I’m such a potty mouth in the car! He has been the word police lately. If you say oh my god he will tell you we don’t say that. Every time Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Getting Back Together comes on he reminds me we don’t say hate when she says it. I guess jackass doesn’t count as a potty word. What else could I say in reply but “Yeah, probably.”