This entry is not about political parties. It isn’t about right or wrong, left or right, red or blue. Politics will be mentioned but it is just a part of this story. My husband, bless his heart, looks to the right, whereas I look to the left. We agree to disagree. When one of us (him) brings up something political the other (me) loves it. I live for political conversation. I eagerly wait for someone to engage me in political talk because I can debate with the best of them. I pride myself in knowing the other persons position better than they know it. I don’t debate topics I know know anything (or even very little) about. That is where most people make a mistake. They think they know what they are talking about and I walk up next to them and hit ’em over the head with cold, hard facts. Ahhhh, I just LOVE it! Anyway, as you can probably guess my husband and I don’t talk about politics much. If he mentions something and gets me started he will have to tell me he is NOT having a debate because I can run circles around him. I am firmly in Obama territory. The reasons are many and I won’t get into them here because this isn’t that type of blog. It is a blog about the stupid shit my family does.

Fast forward to Saturday (Nov. 3) when I woke up to a message on my phone telling me he “posted something awesome on Facebook!” He is hardly ever on Facebook. He is very anti social media. That is reason 487 that we are polar opposites. It was my birthday so I assumed, stupidly in hindsight, that it was some sort of status declaring his undying love for me, how wonderful I am, how I don’t look 33 at all and that he hopes I have a kick ass birthday. I didn’t even get out of bed I was so excited! I grabbed my phone and got online to read his awesome love filled status. Imagine the surprise I got when I saw this:

What the eff?!?! Did he think he was being as cute as a box of kittens on Christmas morning? Is he trying to say that anyone who votes for anyone other than a Republican hates God, wants to overthrow the Constitution and Bill of Rights, budget smudget and on and on and on?  We don’t have values and morals? Seriously. SERIOUSLY? THIS was what he posted on my birthday that was so freakin’ awesome? He’s lucky he is overseas and I hate long flights because I was ready to go stab his ass. I would not do well in prison and I’d fair much worse in a foreign prison so I take stabbing a spouse on foreign soil very seriously. I was about to become a woman on those Investigation Discovery shows where the woman goes crazy and next thing you know her husband’s bones are discovered in an old suitcase in the attic when she said for the past 40 years that he went out for cigarettes and never returned.

So…..after much thinking I decided to make a post about where he made his fatal error in judgement. It wasn’t that he posted something that he believes (even though I think he is flippin batty). I am ALL for people believing whatever they want as long as what they are believing is based on the truth. I like facts. I hate when people take false statements and spread them as the truth. Do your research and find out what is true and if you believe in it or not. I don’t care if you vote for a Republican, Democrat, Green Party, Libertarian, or someone who is purple with neon green spots. I don’t try to convert people to believe the way I do. I think it is wonderful everyone has their own ideas of what is important to them and the right to find a candidate that best represents them. I am not MAD he posted something like this. I’m sure at first glance it could be taken that way. Oh no, my husband made the mistake of engaging me in battle. He stepped into the mine field and didn’t realize it.

You see, my husband is prior military and now works in the civilian world but doing the same thing, working for the government. He is gone, a lot. I have raised our daughter since she was two 75% of the time on my own (she’s now 14). I have raised our son (he’s 4) since he was 4 months old with my husband in and out often, out more often than in. The key words are I have raised. I, me, alone. I don’t force our children to believe anything. I do raise them to believe everyone is created equal. I believe they have the right to discover their own beliefs but I do make my beliefs known. I do not hide what I believe, just as my husband doesn’t have to hide what he believes. It is GOOD for children to see both sides of the coin so they can decide which side works for them. I, also, educate them on how government works because far too many people have a very inaccurate understanding of that. Because I am the only one home raising our children almost all the time, I know that they get a left leaning opinion of things more than what my husband would bring to the table.

Getting back to the point of this entry. My husband engaged me in battle and can I help it if I feel the need to strike back with my very own super duper awesome post? I’m not above sticking one to my husband. Fair is fair….right? He wants to post something completely absurd well then maybe I should, too. I do love a good battle. So, folks, I give you my return fire of sorts. Yep, those are our children in front of our house. Giving their approval of the Obama Biden sign in our front yard for all to see. Did I mention we have a corner lot on a fairly main road in our subdivision? I made sure to aim the sign for people in both directions to see. I’m considering having this blown up as a picture for above our bed. Dear silly, silly husband, I like to call this checkmate.