Bright and early this morning I took K to the orthodontist. She got her braces taken off.

She was pretty unhappy about it. I don’t know why. You’d think after all that you have to do to have your teeth rearranged in your mouth you’d be happy to see the end result. I think she wanted to have braces until she was 90. So here she is 25 months and about $6000 (final total after insurance) later.

So help me if this child does not wear her retainers for the rest of her life I’m going to flip my lid. If anyone thinks they can hit her in the mouth for whatever reason I will beat them to a pulp. She is no longer allowed to play contact sports without a full helmet. I’m probably just going to wrap her head in bubble wrap.

Moving on….

I spent two weeks looking for an outfit for C to wear for his school pictures. I went to many stores. Target, The Gap, Children’s Place, Gymboree, Kohls, JC Penny, Carters, OshGosh….I can go on. I FINALLY put together an outfit. His pictures are tomorrow. The picture people were there this morning when I dropped him off to take the younger kids pictures. C’s day is tomorrow. I thought the background would be sort of Christmas-y or at least winter themed. Imagine MY surprise when I saw it wasn’t but I got him an outfit that WOULD be great for either of those themes. I was pretty bummed out about it all day and was trying to weigh my options on what to do about the clash between his outfit and the background. Don’t you worry your pretty little head off, though. C decided to make my entire day of worry about his outfit meaningless.

I was sitting in the pick up light at K’s high school so I could go get C. My phone rang. It said it was his school. In that 15 seconds between seeing my screen and answering it I had a million things running through my head. I just knew it was something bad. Bad like he punched a kid or pulled the fire alarm or swore like a sailor :::blush::: or…or…or…..I just knew it was bad. The principal started by saying that C was ok. That sentence sounds like it would be the best first sentence in a phone call about your children but when your child is C it is the worst sentence. Ever. He’s ok but the other kid isn’t? He’s ok but he led the children into a rebellion? He once showed all the kids in his class how to open the door to escape and then sat back and watched them do it. He was barely 2. She told me C fell and he was ok but he’d have a bruise and a knot. I was appropriately relieved he wasn’t injured too bad and relieved that he didn’t try to show the kids how to start a bon fire in the middle of the giant chess board with a magnet and a piece of gum a la MacGyver. K’s school is about a block away from C’s so I said I’d be there in a few minutes. It wasn’t until I saw his head that I realized that HE HAS PICTURES TOMORROW!

This picture was as good as I could get. He had cartoons to watch and he was not happy with my interruption of that for some silly picture. It is a pretty good size knot. Slightly bruised. I’m not sure if I should put concealer on it or pray they will photo shop it. It is like a devil’s horn trying to poke through only on one side but it is probably just a unicorn horn. Cause unicorns are super awesome and leave it to my child to turn into a unicorn the night before school pictures. He’ll probably be a chupacabra in the spring cause he’s cool and that’s how we roll in this house.