C is like the bad word police. I think I’ve mentioned that before. He is still highly offended when Taylor Swift says hate in her newest song every single time it is on the radio. He, however, has no clue when he says something that is not quite a bad word but not really something that should be said. Check out this cute face:

He’s so cute and adorable and you just want to squish his little face. The problem with cute kids is they sometimes say stuff that you should frown upon. However, they are so cute you just can’t help but laugh. After that you just can’t tell them they shouldn’t say that because to them it is FUNNY! Funny means you repeat it 97 times with 90 of those times being in public. An example is that I’ve told C to say ‘oh my goose’ instead of ‘oh my God’. Unfortunately he has decided it sound funnier to say ‘oh my nuts’. He likes to say it loud and proud. :::sigh::: I have no clue where he got that from.

He is, also, fond of sticking a hanger in the back of his shirt and using it like a sword or gun or whatever weapon is in his arsenal that particular day. This morning he was running around with a hanger stuffed in the back of his “inja” shirt (I’ve tried to tell him it is ninja but he doesn’t believe me). I asked him what weapon it was today and he looked me straight in the eye and said, “It’s my hooker.” ::::head desk:::: I can’t even make this up. He was so serious when he said it and he is so cute I just about died laughing. I burst out laughing so loud when he said it that he was startled at first. After school I told K what he said and I think she almost peed on herself. Of course her laughing at it, too, means he’ll never stop saying either of those things.