Nothing says Thanksgiving like asking young children questions about the day.

Me: C, where do turkey’s come from?

C: The farm.

Me: How does it get from the farm to our fridge?

C: It just walks in, opens the door, opens the fridge and then walks in the fridge and closes the door.

Me: Does our turkey have a name?

C: Jo Jo

Me: How do you cook a turkey?

C: You bang it on the head until it is dead.

Me: Whoa! Wow. Ahhhh then what do you do?

C: You put cream on it and put it in the oven.

Me: What temperature do you cook it on?

C: 22 degrees.

Me: For how long?

C: 31 to 32 minutes until the oven dings.

Me: Do you know what Thanksgiving means?

C: It is when you get to eat food and when you are happy and you get presents.

Me: I don’t think you get presents.

C: Yes you do.

Me: Alright, moving on. What are you thankful for?

C: The whole world.

Me: Are you thankful for your family?

C: Yes. All of you.

Me: Who is all of you? What people are in your family?

C: You and daddy and Keileigh and Ruby and  Mimi and Papaw and Makenna and Makenna’s sister and Makenna’s mommy.

Me: Maddie and Aunt Melissa?

C: Yes. And Makenna’s daddy.

Me: Are those the only people in your family?

C: Yes.

Me: Um, ok. Are you thankful for anything else?

C: Nope, that is all. Can I have a piece of candy now?

So there you have it folks. Thanksgiving through the eyes of a 4 year old.

Happy Thanksgiving from K, C and me!! Bad pic, I know. It is hard to take a good photo in the movie theatre. It is our holiday tradition. We don’t ever have anyone here for Thanksgiving or Christmas so we started seeing movies. It is a pretty awesome tradition.