All the stocking undies were hung by the chimney with care….

This morning when C came downstairs and saw Jack left candy he was so excited. He exclaimed, “Oh Jack! Thank you!”. It was adorable. What kid doesn’t like finding candy at 7am?

C has had a Mini Cooper power wheel for almost 2 years. He had no clue how to steer it when he first got it. He used it very few times since then. I decided he was old enough to figure it out so I drug it out of our shed and plugged in the battery. 4 1/2 is a much better age for a power wheel than almost 3. He really enjoys it now. Tonight was his first time cruising the side walk. This happened:

He backed into the neighbors little palm and then ditched his car. Thank gosh he has 12 more years before he is old enough to drive!