I’ve done well at remembering to place Jack in different spots so far. It hasn’t been an entire week yet so I can’t say for sure if I can keep this up for 23 more days. So far so good though. C is loving it. First thing in the morning he hops out of bed to go find Jack. Yesterday Jack made cookies. photo-7Here are the problems I encountered courtesy of Jack. One, Jack doesn’t sit up particularly well. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to get him to sit up. Hence the random bowl for no reason. He was no help in finding a solution. He was like a 2 year old who goes all jello on you when you are trying to get them to stop screaming and get off the store floor. No help at all.

Two, the cookies were located on C’s spot at the table. C saw them and proclaimed that Jack wanted him to eat cookies for breakfast….ALL of them. Why else would a plate of cookies be at his spot at breakfast time? I would chalk this up to 4 year old logic but lately C has been trying to convince me he needs candy in the morning. I think he’s just throwing things out there trying to see which ones I’ll say yes to.

Lastly, the cookies were at C’s spot and the note was to him only. To C that meant the cookies were ONLY for him. There were proclamations of disappointment and tears of the real and fake variety throughout various points in the day. Today went pretty much like this, whenever C thought about the cookies he’d get happy then he’d remember he couldn’t eat them all at once and he’d be very loudly disappointed and then there were what every type of tears he could muster up because he remembered he had to share. Rinse and repeat. It was the absolute worst real life version of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie ever. It was the version where no one gets cookies but everyone gets the Black Plague. Well, ok, it felt that way to me. Anyway, Jack is an ass and gives me nothing but heartache and the desire to drink at 9am. It is kinda like having your whole entire extended family at your house for Christmas. Maybe Jack is trying show me that I do in fact have it good living at minimum 19 hours away from everyone, particularly during time of the year that families normally get together to piss each other off. Ugh. I hate when stupid elves try to make points and give life lessons and shit.

Moving on.

This past week Jack may or may not have had to watch Scooby Doo the Movie (the one with Sarah Michelle Gellar) AND Scooby Doo 2 no less than ninety six bajillion times. I personally don’t mind watching them that many times with C but I think Jack may have been tired of watching them. So Jack brought a new Scooby Doo movie because sometimes you need a little variety. When I Jack has a mid afternoon nap time dream about Scooby Doo then maybe it is time to add a few different dvd’s in the mix. photo-9Here you have Jack all comfy on the couch with the remote and new dvd. The M&M’s each have names written on them so that C won’t claim them both….lesson learned. There is also two bags of popcorn. I figured if I set out the 100 cal packs of popcorn it would add balance to what I’m sure will be a breakfast of popcorn and M&M’s. Jack is not going to fit in his fashion forward red body suit if he keeps eating junk. Candy canes, marshmallows, cookies and now M&M’s. I think he needs an intervention and a one way ticket to sugar rehab.