I have so much to write about! Jack, the kids, a creepy cow…..so…..much. This will be just a  lot of various things jumbled together.

This afternoon in the car I was complaining to K how much I hate that Justin Beiber sings such catchy songs. I want to hate them but I can’t stop myself from singing along.  She mentioned dub step. It is the very first time I’ve ever felt old or out of touch. I’ve heard of it but I had no clue what it was really. She offered to play it for me right as the new Pink song came on the radio.

Me: Oh hey, this is the new Pink song.

K: I was going to show you what dub step was.

Me: I want to hear this song.

K: I’ll play it after the song then.

Me: Ok, maybe after the song. And by after the song, I mean I hope you just forget about it.

That was when I really realized that I was, in fact, old. I not only didn’t know what dub step was but I had no desire to figure it out. I, also, threw out the good old “back in my day” phrase today when we were discussing how teachers figure grades now compared to when I was in school. Ugh…..put me out to pasture because I’m old now.

Moving on. This evening was a Christmas Family Night event in the old section of our city. The mayor hits the button to turn all the downtown Christmas lights on, including the giant tree in the town square. There were all sorts of different activities, live music on different stages, food, booths and even Santa entering by a horse drawn carriage. C really wanted to hug the Chick-fil-a cow of all things.


The next photo is where I had to save C’s life from the child smothering Chick-fil-a Santa cow or cow Santa…..I don’t know that it matters which way you describe the cow. What does matter is that giant cows dressed up as Santa shouldn’t go around smothering children. It is just poor giant cow etiquette.


I, also, had to save him from nearly being run over by a full Target cart steered by a mother with about 75 little children in tow. I pulled him out of the way right in the nick of time. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Oh, another quick thing. C is hilarious when he sings songs when we are in the car. Sometimes the words are what he thinks rather than what they really are. An example is him singing “Belize Navidad”. I laugh every time.

Finally, Jack. He is just up to no good. I caught him gambling the other night. Poor Captain America and the Hulk didn’t stand a chance. He’s a shark!


Last night he planned on having a party……

4But he got hung up.

3Hahaha….get it? Hung up? :::sigh::: I know, I know. I won’t quit my day job.