Last night Jack was browsing Pinterest looking for ideas that he was positive he’d have time to do because they looked so easy. I mean, really, how hard is it to make everything in a mug via the microwave or recreate an amazingly complicated hair style in just 4 steps or learn how to paint the nails on your right hand as well as you are able to paint them on your left? You get the point. Anyway, Jack was browsing Pintrest instead of doing other things but isn’t that the story of Pinterest? He spotted how to make snowflake crystals! What What! C knows all four seasons. Ever since he noticed leaves falling off the trees two weeks ago he has been positive winter comes next. And with winter comes snow. At least in the pictures it does. Poor kid has no clue that a more accurate picture of winter in Texas shows kids outside in shorts, a sweatshirt and flip flops playing in the dead grass. He’s in for some disappointment. The snowflake crystals, Jack was positive, would…..I don’t know…..make him think it was winter. Look, it made sense to Jack last night, ok. The project looked seriously easy and I figured Jack had it in him not to screw it up. 99% of the time Pinterest ideas don’t work but this is the 1% of the time it did. Score!

photo-23All the supplies were gathered. We used Borax, pipe cleaner, string, and water. The directions said a pint size mason jar but the only one I had was a huge jar I use to give wild flowers a country chic look. We needed a pencil too but that didn’t make it in the picture. Don’t mind my angry owl jar. We don’t actually keep cookies around and it technically was in the Halloween section but I love it. It says, “Don’t touch my cookies you jerk!”. I like cookie jars with a personality. If it is a grumpy personality I like it even more.


While 2 cups of water was boiling Jack created a snowflake design out of the pipe cleaner. Sure, it isn’t a master piece but look, he’s an elf, y’all. He only has itty bitty hands and they can’t be expected to create a work of art on the first try. Jack attached a string to the snowflake and wrapped the string around a pencil.

photo-25Once the water started to boil it was poured in the jar. After that Jack poured in 1/3 cup of Borax and stirred it. The snowflake was then lowered into the water. Jack learned the hard way that touching the glass after you pour boiling water in it is a bonehead thing to do. Just….ahhhh….you know, so you know.


Because a cold front blew through Texas dropping the temp from a nice 78 to 2freakin9, Jack needed to borrow a pair of mittens off our small tree and a scarf from a little bird. He didn’t want to freeze while making crystals over night.


WAH-LAH! A snowflake crystal! It is a crystal and doesn’t melt. The pin said that they are pretty now and you can save them but they lose their luster after a while. Also, it said to be sure that kids know it isn’t candy. It really does look like the sugar crystal candy on a stick.

photo-26C was really excited to see the crystal. I know I’ve said it before but he is just so excited every morning to find out what Jack has been up to. Half way down the stairs he will duck down and see if Jack left the fireplace mantel. Every morning he exclaims, “Jack isn’t on the shelf! Where is he?”. Then he starts running room to room trying to find him.

One side note I wanted to mention is that crystals do form on the side and bottom of the mason jar. All you have to do it poke it with a fork a time or two and it breaks apart so you can empty it in the trash.