Yesterday I ran into Walgreens or maybe it was CVS. They are a block from each other and I always forget which is which. As I was checking out I saw this:



It is a cow that shoots balls. I couldn’t pass such an awesome toy up. I just knew Jack would love for C to have it. Look, they are like best buds! I just didn’t know how dangerous this killer cow would be. The following pictures are a reenactment of what actually happened. Obviously I didn’t have my camera while the original ordeal went down.

photo-30C: How do you use it?

Me: You squeeze his belly and the ball pops out.

C: Ok.

Me: No, no, no! You’ll shoot your eye out!

photo-31Me: Here, let me show you how it works.

photo-32C: YOU SHOT ME IN THE LEG! What the heck mama!?!?!

I tried to prevent him from shooting his eye out a la A Christmas Story and ended up shooting him in the leg! Who wants to head my Mother of the Year campaign? I’m the clear and obvious choice for the title.