Last night I finished my last test for school. I was very excited yesterday morning because once I completed the test I was done. I had 11 questions to go and my internet went out! Thanks Time Warner for nothing! There was drama and cursing and many emails back and forth with the lady in charge of online testing. I was back online last night and able to finish. After such a drama filled day I decided to color. I love to color. It is so relaxing. Adults should color more. Jack decided to color, as well.

photo-33C was amazed that Jack knew he loves Scooby Doo. He immediately started to color a picture to give to Jack. Sometimes Jack just needs a low key night.

This morning after we dropped K off at school we headed to C’s school. He was really bummed out. I knew this by the very loud sighs coming from the back seat. He kept doing it louder and louder until I asked what was wrong.

Me: Hey bud, what’s wrong?

C: :::::loud sigh::::: I’m sad.

Me: Why? You are going to Kung Fu this morning. You are going to have a great day!

C: I’m still sad.

Me: Why?

C: Because I don’t have a phone with buttons to play games with. ::::sigh::::

Oh boy, this one is going to be a guilt tripper. He is 4 and already knows how to pull my strings. It is NOT right to think, “Oh man, I really should get him a phone with buttons to play games with.” It just is not ok but he made me think that very thing. Thankfully my more realistic side came through.

Me: Yeah, that sure is sad alright. I bet you are going to be sad about that for at least 6 more years.

C: :::::loud sigh:::::