Things have been busy around here. I had to finished up the last few things before I graduate (I’m done!). That was time consuming. I finished Christmas shopping but have only wrapped two things. Really I’m two things ahead of where I have been in the past. Usually I’m up all night on Christmas Eve wrapping and swearing I’ll do it earlier next year.

To be honest, I planned on blogging some funny stuff on Friday but then the news of the horrible school shooting broke. It didn’t feel right to blog about funny, pointless things when such a terrible thing was happening.

In the past 24 hours C tried to wash dog poop off a sword in my downstairs bathroom, peed in my tub… instead of the toilet, instead of flushing the toilet my mom found him playing in pee water….I could go on. He is killing me. Oh and my mom made a longhorn mad and it charged at her. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. I’m that type of person. Here is what Jack has been up to.

C was naughty. Really he has been pretty naughty lately. He has told me :::gasp:::: no.  He got out of bed and went in his sister’s room. He has been told almost nightly to stay out of his sister’s bedroom and to stay in his bed. He put on her lipgloss.

photo-35So Jack left him a little reminder note about what he is supposed to be doing.


Another night Jack decided to have a kazoo party. There was a small problem of the kazoos not working. I guess Jack shouldn’t buy the cheapest pack at Party City.


Friday night Jack felt like getting a little wild and crazy. He hopped on a monster truck and took a little drive through the woods.


photo-38I’m not saying Jack is the best artist in the world but he sure knows how to draw a helicopter!

Finally, last night Jack decided to get as naughty as C has been.

photo-39He is the opposite of photoshop. I do enjoy Kevin’s Justin Beiber hair and K’s unibrow. C said K looked like Pablo from the Backyardigans with that blue and orange hat. Jack’s naughtiness was a big hit.