I had writers block. Funny stuff happened but I couldn’t think about how to write it out. That is where I’ve been the past few weeks. In writers block prison. It happens to the best of us I suppose.

I have a ton of things to blog about if I had the strength to download pics off my phone. For instance, all the remaining Jack adventures. The problem is I have the flu and that is never fun. I started to connect my iphone to my computer so I could transfer pics but I couldn’t find the plug. By couldn’t find I mean it wasn’t sitting next to me and the thought of getting up to go find it made my head hurt. Heck, I felt nauseous just thinking about setting K’s new Macbook Pro up to itunes. I had to tell her I needed to feel better before I did that. I am such a huge germaphobe. I carry sanitizer with me everywhere. I cringe when I touch menus or doors. Do you know how germ filled menu’s are? If I can’t get past germy menu’s I’m sure you can understand why I refuse to go to a buffet restaurant. I avoid doing unsanitary things like licking carts, unlike C who thinks his tongue belongs on the handle of Target carts. Still….I end up with the flu. He is bouncing off walls and forcing me to play Hungry Hungry Hippo. I still have to keep on keeping on. Shit isn’t going to get done if I don’t do it. Since I have to do 100% of everything I can’t really just lounge in bed, spend the afternoon hugging my toilet or muttering to myself how wonderful the cool tile on my bathroom floor feels on my face. Errands have to be run, dinner has to be made, children need to be taxied to and fro and someone has to be effin super mom around here. An example, the lights in Target were out. I don’t know why. Not all the lights. Just 90% of them. The power was on though. I don’t know what the deal was. Just the lights around the perimeter and a few scattered through out the store were on, which was not enough light to see by in some areas. A weaker person would have called it a day but not me. I clung to my cart like it was my life support* so I wouldn’t fall over on the floor crying and pushed my way through the store. My phone had my shopping list and doubled as my flashlight. Some aisles were so dark I had to have a flashlight to see what I needed. I imagine it would be a shoplifters paradise. Thinking about it I have no clue why they didn’t just close the store. It was a mess but I pushed on. I bought K what she needed for her sleepover (not at my house), got a few dvd’s to tide me over during the little time I have to lay around feeling sick and sorry for myself, dog food, a new pillow, and a mustache mug. I forgot flu medicine. I came home and took a little break before I had to head back out.

Why did I have to venture back out? Because C wanted to go camping. He keeps bugging me. He caught me at a very weak moment this morning, the room was spinning and I was trying to gather enough strength to lift my head but not vomit at the same time (soooo tough), and asked me once again to go camping. I said ok. If you know me in real life you know that I am not a camping person. I am a city person. I love the city. Tall buildings, traffic, food delivery, cable, internet, air conditioning, Target on every corner with Starbucks nestled inside….I am as much of a city girl as it gets. Living in the suburbs 20 miles from the city is about as country as I can get. I hate small towns. I hate being places where the highlight of your day is going to Walmart. That is probably why I avoid going back to where my family lives (in KY and in WI). If small towns annoy me, the country where you would camp surely would annoy me. Nothing about camping really appeals to me. Maybe a camp fire under the stars making smores but it would have to be a nice 75 degrees, no bugs, and have wifi. I instantly regretted telling him yes. I did what any city gal super mom with or without the flu would do when her 4 year old wants to go camping. I drug my sick butt* to Academy Sports and Outdoor, bought a sleeping bag and tent, then set it up in the seating area of my bedroom (yes my bedroom is so large it has a seating area). photo-41 photo-4275 degrees, check. No bugs, check. Wifi, check. There are stars courtesy of his night time turtle thing and we have a handy dandy smores maker. I don’t think camping could get any better, honestly.

*I sanitized my hands a lot, kept my hands inside of my sweatshirt when touching things like the cart, and avoided being in the store any longer than necessary because I don’t want to just willy nilly pass around the flu bug.

C was a little sad about K going to a sleepover so I promised him I swing by Starbucks on the way home so he could get a hot cocoa and a snack. (I’m all flu? What flu?) He walked in like he owned the place, went right up to the counter and said hello to the barista. She asked how he was doing and he said, “I’m well, thank you.” Notice the proper grammar? He is well instead of good. And the manners! yay! The barista asked what she could do for him and he said, “I’d like a peppermint mocha please.” HAHAHA First of all, I don’t drink that and so I have no clue where he heard peppermint mocha from. Secondly, I would NEVER allow him to get that. What’s next? A shot of expresso? He said it with enough authority and confidence that she actually asked him what size. I was all ummmmm, no, he’ll have a kids hot cocoa. He piped up, “I’d like it at 120 with light whip and non fat milk!” The two baristas got a good chuckle out of him this evening. Here is is waiting for his drink. photo-43