This morning around 9am C and I were getting dressed. My doorbell rang so I looked out my upstairs window to see who it was. I saw the FedEx truck and knew he had my new Apple product. I threw my robe back on because it is too cold to be flashing the FedEx guy. It was only like 2 degrees above a freezing tundra of hell and my boobs don’t look good at that temp. I tied my robe firmly and opened the door. I had the door half way open but trying to keep it as closed as possible with my leg. I was trying to sign the little signature thing and keep our dog Ruby in the house. The FedEx guy was looking at me kind of strangely. I thought maybe I was flashing some skin or boobs or something but I didn’t feel any cool breeze so then I thought maybe his face was just frozen in that expression. I’m sure his mother warned him of that. I took the box from him and thanked him. I then turned and saw C standing next to me……naked as the day he was born. Not pj’s. No underwear. No slippers. Nothing but a smile.