I was taking a little break after we arrived home this afternoon before I started the evening things around here. C wanted a snack before dinner so I told him to get a yogurt. He sat down next to me and I opened it up. As I ripped the top off a splash of yogurt got on the arm of my shirt. As a side note, today I can’t be trusted with food. I took a sip of my Diet Coke and somehow the straw jumped from my lips. I ended up with drops of soda on my shirt….right before a business meeting. ugh. Then I was eating a snack and dropped food on my shirt again! Thankfully that was after my meeting but not before I searched all over town for new curtains. I’m a mess. Anyway, I dropped a splash of yogurt and before I could grab a tissue to wipe it off I felt something strange on my arm through my shirt. I looked down and C was LICKING THE YOGURT OFF MY SHIRT! Have we turned into a family that can’t afford to let one drop of yogurt go to waste? I did what I had to do. I pushed his head off me and I said, “Yo! Stop licking my arm you weirdo!” I’m starting strong and starting early. I’m for sure going to cinch the Mother of the Year 2013 award. Watch out world!