C was playing in another room while I was watching tv. I heard, “Can somebody help me?”.

Me: What do you need help with?

C: I need a little help here.

Me: With what? <—said as I got off the couch.

C: I’m stuck.

I did what any good parent will do, take a picture before rescuing him. I don’t even know how he got stuck under the ottoman. photo-7

When he isn’t squeezing his little body in spots where he gets stuck he likes to do a little night time reading.

photo-6I didn’t know I had a 4 year old who has a passion for 9th grade ap English reading. I asked where he got the book. He said his sisters room. (True.) I asked if he read it. He said yes. (Define read.) I asked what it was about he told me a dog. (Possibly not true but there may be a dog involved.)