I don’t know about you but when my husband is home we sometimes get a little rowdy. Do people still say rowdy? It sounds like a word someone would say and you kind of groan and think how old and uncool they are for saying words like that. Anyway, sometimes things get out of hand and we will wrestle a little. When that happens C gets SO upset. K used to get upset, too. I think maybe all kids do when they don’t realize it is just playing, not real. It is completely harmless and if anything, it is just a good cardio workout. Well…..let me give you a little warning about doing that. Let me back up a little bit first.

Some kids are chatty. They are chatty in the check out line. They are chatty when they get their hair cut. They are chatty with a waitress, check out person and anyone who comes to your door. They are particularly chatty to their teachers. (Trust me! Teachers know a LOT more than they’d like and even more than you think they do!! Have fun at your next parent teacher conference with that info in your head!) Kids are chatty with strangers they see in the store. For example, C and I were walking in Target to find K. A lady was passing us and C told her very loudly that he farted. :::sigh::: Kids don’t understand TMI and that can be embarrassing at times. They are pretty honest with what they say. At least honest to them. They sometimes see things differently than us and will remember it differently as well.

Today in the car after school we were bringing home J, K’s bff (who also happens to be C’s best best best friend and is like our second daughter). C was sharing his super duper awesome news with her. He was really excited. Admittedly the news is awesome. He then out of nowhere told her, “My daddy hits my mama.” OH MY GOD!!!!!!! Ohhhhh. Myyyyy. God. Of course I was like, “Oh no! No he doesn’t!” and K was, also, confirming it was not true. All I could think was we sound like a bunch of people trying to hide something with all our strong denials. I realized that C probably remembers us play fighting and to him it meant his dad hits his mom. I was mortified! Who else has he said this to? Probably his teacher!! :::::head desk:::: I told him that we were just playing and that daddy would NEVER hit me. He promptly ended Kevin and my play fighting ever again. Now I’m going to be thinking about everything I do around him, how he will see it and in turn how he will relay the information to others. I don’t want to be the dead denial horse here but I want to say that in all the years Kevin and I have been together he has NEVER hit me. If he had (or ever did) you’d be watching me on my very own special episode of Snapped on the Oxygen Network.