When I went to pick C up from school today his teacher pulled me aside to tell me what C had done on the playground.

Teacher: Today on the playground the other teacher saw C with his pants down, shaking his booty.


Teacher: We spoke with him about it and told him it was not ok and to not do it again.

Me: Ugh…..oh man.

Teacher: We told him we had to tell you about it and he was pretty upset.

Me: I will talk with him about it and let him know it is not ok.

I went over to C and asked him why he pulled his pants down.

C: I had to go pee.

Me: Why were you shaking your booty?

C: I had to make sure all the pee was out of my penis.

Me: ::::::sigh:::::

We both walked back over to the teacher and I asked her if C is aware of where the bathroom is when they are outside.

Teacher: He knows where it is. He has used it before. Why?
Me: He said he had his pants down because he had to pee.

Teacher: Oh my…..

Me: Yeah…..So………ummmmm…..C, don’t ever pee outside again, ok?

C: All I wanted to do was water the ground so flowers would grow!

Teacher: Oh…….::::suppressing a laugh::::

Me: DUDE!!! That isn’t even real grass!!

And it is not. It is that mushy astroturf playground looking “grass”. As far as I know, it doesn’t need to be watered in any way.